When Jesus had died on the cross the Christ embarked on a journey far beyond this world. It is said that at first he descended to hell to fight the Last Battle. What happened after that is a lesser known tale. It is about his journey to heaven.

The Pearly Gates were closed. They towered high above all else, mighty and cold.
From beyond the walls a song was heard from sore throats, hoarse from singing everlasting. Their anxious jubilation after all those aeons almost sounding as lament.

They had sentenced themselves to heaven – their place of choice to spend eternity.
Those gates that at arrival had been shining over them had been locked behind them, sealed by their own righteousness. Forever imprisoned in bliss.

There they spent their everlasting to everlasting afterlife. Apart from those whom they had loved but who had chosen a different path.
Eternity turned out to be forever.

The divine exquisiteness of perfection had lost its radiance already after several years, but it kept going on and on and on.
That what they had longed for all their life had turned out to be a lonely prison of ongoing happiness and praise. Contorted into a new kind of hell.

There the Christ stood before the gates. He gathered all His strength and with one enormous blow the lock got smashed to pieces.
A second blow shook the walls and with the third and last they came crumbling down.
A seemingly neverending stream of people flowed out, until there was none left. All who had been locked inside got saved.

Together with those whom they had missed for so long, they repopulated earth in order to happily labour hard with the pearly sweat on their brow.

And they lived and died long and happily ever after.

Music: Looped Exodus

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