The man who built a time machine and went back to kill a ruthless tyrant who had been responsible for millions of deaths, returned to a world where no one had ever heard about this tyrant.

After this first success, he went on with it, because there had been many more mass murderers, war criminals and warlords who had done unspeakable things.
The present became a safe and peaceful place. There was no word for war and no one had ever heard of weapons.

The man was found, years later, in his own bathroom. Alone. The door locked from the inside. Covered in blood, his skull split open. Next to him lay an unknown metal object that seemed to be the cause of his injury.

Had the man, after killing the last historical butcher, realised that the greatest killer of all was still breathing, looking at him from the mirror, and that there was still one last victim waiting for him?
That seemed to be the only right conclusion.


Music: Looped Exodus

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